The Smith Brown Project


Candace Brown and Colleen Smith are writers/actors. We met in The Sunday Company at The Groundlings Theater in Los Angeles, Then quickly became friends and writing partners. We've started a fictional dating site Date Garden, written multiple two woman shows and an original series called Runners Up. Also we've been to Germany, Rome, Paris, Louisville and beautiful downtown Glendale (where this photo was taken) together!

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Our last original two woman sketch show. That also included Jordan Black. So we guess it was a three person sketch show...Shut up!

Our third two woman sketch show.

We were inspired by our trip to Germany. Can you tell? Also we asked our friend Jordan Black to be our "guy" this time. But he didn't get on the poster! 


Our second sketch show. 

Mikey and Taran did great supporting work. Give them a job Hollywood!


Runners Up

The sketch that started it all. Well first there was Hep but we don't talk about that. If you want to read our awesome Pilot and Treatment and see our Sweet Slide Show call our agents!


Our First Sketch Show

Candy is clearly more talented at back combing.

Here we are through the years, countries, shows, holidays, parties, premieres and trips to Monet's house!