Ten years ago I was invited to learn how to puppeteer at The Jim Henson Company. Now I've been a member of Puppet Up! (The live improv show) for 9 yrs. I been all over the country and to Canada, Scotland and Australia. I've filmed shows in L.A. and London, performed at the Grammys, got to be puppeteer on a couple of Muppets and play several characters in the upcoming feature film The Happytime Murders. Starring Melissa McCarthy. My resume and footage of some of my characters are below. I'd like to thank the fan who did the super cut of Star the racist squirrel!

Puppet Resume

The Curious Creations of Christine McConnel - Netflix

The Happytime Murders - Dir. Brian Henson

Crazy Ex Girlfriend - The CW

The Muppets - ABC

Puppet Up! - LA, NY, SF, Chicago, Miami, Las Vegas, Toronto, Edinburgh, Sydney & Melbourne

Mr. Neighbors House - Adult Swim

Me and my boyfriend.

Me and my boyfriend.

@Midnight - Comedy Central

No You Shut Up - Fusion

That Puppet Game Show - BBC

Neil's Puppet Dreams - Nerdist

The Grammys - CBS

Late Night Liars - GSN

Warren the Ape - MTV


"Colleen Smith stands out in this wonderful ensemble as a relatively undiscovered comic genius, infusing each sketch with sidesplitting humor. Every time she takes the stage to “Puppet Up,” you find yourself excited to see what she’ll come with next." - Chicago Stage Review

 "And along with a formidably brilliant comedian and improviser named Colleen Smith, Tuesday night's show offered the chance to see Henson work the puppets" - Chris Jones - Chicago Tribune

The less No, You Shut Up! sticks to its rigid structure, the more it serves as an astute complement to what Obama is saying. I’m not sure if Stephen Colbert was feeding lines to Star Schlesinger, the conservative squirrel, but she channels his brilliance in balancing iconoclasm with coded jabs at the GOP. When the president gets a standing ovation for mentioning his commitment to natural gas, without missing a beat, she says, “How’s he supposed to get to that gas without using fracking, which I thought you liberals didn’t like?” It’s followed almost immediately by applauding Obama for promising a college education to students who will, according to Schlesinger, just get a communications degree they’ll never use. - The A.V. Club