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Colleen Smith

Welcome to my resume. All the stuff I did is below. The TV stuff is pretty easy to understand so I'll take this moment to brag about other stuff. I am a Groundlings Sunday Company and Second City alum.  I am the co-director and star of "Teen Witch the Musical!", a staged version of the 80's cult classic that was mentioned in Entertainment Weekly and and performed to sold out crowds in LA and San Francisco. I am also one half of “The Smith Brown Project”, a two woman show which ran at The Comedy Central Stage, UCB and The Groundlings. And most recently I wrote, directed and starred in "The Naut" a Post Apocalyptic Grindhouse parody. And it's pre-quel "The Molemen" The trailer is on my video page.

Oh and I work for the Jim Henson Co. as a puppeteer/improvisor in "Puppet Up!" We've been to San Francisco, Chicago, New York (We were nominated for a Drama Desk Award) the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Australia for a three city tour. Here are some gross quote that makes me look awesome.

"Colleen Smith stands out in this wonderful ensemble as a relatively undiscovered comic genius, infusing each sketch with sidesplitting humor. Every time she takes the stage to “Puppet Up,” you find yourself excited to see what she’ll come with next." - Chicago Stage Review


 "And along with a formidably brilliant comedian and improviser named Colleen Smith, Tuesday night's show offered the chance to see Henson work the puppets" - Chris Jones - Chicago Tribune

The less No, You Shut Up! sticks to its rigid structure, the more it serves as an astute complement to what Obama is saying. I’m not sure if Stephen Colbert was feeding lines to Star Schlesinger, the conservative squirrel, but she channels his brilliance in balancing iconoclasm with coded jabs at the GOP. When the president gets a standing ovation for mentioning his commitment to natural gas, without missing a beat, she says, “How’s he supposed to get to that gas without using fracking, which I thought you liberals didn’t like?” It’s followed almost immediately by applauding Obama for promising a college education to students who will, according to Schlesinger, just get a communications degree they’ll never use. - The A.V. Club



Prestige Talent Agency - 310.777.7707 ext. 305

SBV Talent (Voice Over)  - 323.938.6000

Reign Agency (Commercial)  - 310.396.6462




Mike Tyson Mysteries Guest Star Adult Swim

Curious Creations of Christine McConnell     Series Regular                              Netflix

The HappyTime Murders           Cara/Nurse/Officer                    Jim Henson Co./STX  

Pinky Malinky                             Series Regular                             Nickelodeon

Mr Neighbors House                 Guest Star(Recurring)                 Adult Swim

@midnight                                   Guest Star                                   Comedy Central

Quick Draw                                 Guest Star                                    Hulu

Selfie                                           Guest Star (Recurring)                 ABC

No You Shut Up!                         Series Regular               Fusion

The Neighbors                           Guest Star                                    ABC

What's Up Your Butt?                 Puppeteer                                    Henson/Fusion TV

LA Rangers                                 Lead                                   

That Puppet Gameshow           Puppeteer(Series Regular)          BBC

Ben and Kate                            Guest Star                                     FOX

Neil's Puppet Dreams                Puppeteer                          

How I Met Your Mother             Guest Star                                    CBS

Unt. Martin Project                     Series Regular                             CBS

Grammy Awards 2011 Cee-Lo    Puppeteer                                   CBS

Late Night Liars                           Series Regular/Puppeteer          Henson/GSN

The Stupid Show                       Series Regular                             Nickelodeon Animation

Warren the Ape                         Guest Star                                    MTV

Planet Sheen                             Series Regular                             Nickelodeon (Animated pilot)

Carpoolers                                 Guest Star                                   ABC

King Of The Hill                         Guest Star                                    FOX

The Showbiz Show                   Correspondent (Recurring)         Comedy Central

The Singles Table                       Guest Star (Recurring)                NBC

The Office                                   Guest Star                                    NBC


Improv / Sketch / Theatre


Puppet Up! - Ensemble - Off Broadway/Edinburgh Fringe/Just For Laughs Festival/Melbourne Comedy Festival/Sydney Opera House

Spontaneanation with Paul F. Tompkins - Guest Improvisor - Largo @ The Coronet

Ma'am - Director - Groundlings/Comedy Central Stage

Improvised Tony's - Director - Second City Theater

The Naut & The Molemen - Writer/Director/Lead - Groundlings/Comedy Central Stage

Teen Witch: The Musical - Writer/Director/Lead - Groundlings Theatre/SF Sketch Fest

Don't Make Me Angry - Ensemble/Writer - Comedy Central Stage/UCB

The Smith Brown Project - Lead/Writer - Comedy Central Stage/UCB/Groundlings

Cooking with Gas & Uncle Joe Show - Ensemble/Improv - Groundlings Theater/SF Sketch Fest/Out of Bounds Comedy Festival

The McGillicuddy's 1 & 2 - Ensemble/Writer - Second City Theater 


Groundlings Sunday Company

Directors: Mindy Sterling, Jim Rash, Ben Falcone

Second City

David Razowsky, Mike Ross,Amy Seeley

Jim Henson Studio Puppet Improv

Patrick Bristow

Steppenwolf Scene Study

Tom Irwin

Voice/Singing Lessons

Bill Haller