Bad Movie Ideas

I'm gonna write a horror movie about an evil copier. Set in a law firm. I'll call it Copy Cat or Copyright Law. It'll make copies even thought there is nothing there to copy. They'll be of people's faces. Then that night we will see them murdered. But they'll be alive the next day because the "copy" has come to life. The "Copies" will do evil things including, but not exclusively, making sure the copier never runs out of paper. There will be some GREAT racial commentary when they get into the ink colors in the machine. Black and white vs color copies stuff. And some fun collating puns. A plucky young law clerk, Joanne Wilson, who is also getting her doctorate in education will figure out what's going on. (Based on Jennifer Smith) She'll team up with Chester Xerox the last remaining member of the Xerox family to find out what has possessed the machine. At some point Joanne will say "There are some tribes in Africa who believe that if you take their picture you steal a part of their soul." In the end it will be revealed the chief partner in the law firm is part of Devil worshipping group and they made copies of their "bible" that summoned forth Satan himself. Chester will give his life destroying the machine. When Joanne finally hacks it and it's "copies" to death with a paper cutter she'll mutter "The devil is in the details." As we fade to black the Fax machine will light up.'s not plugged IN!