New Cheerios Video

The whole "uproar" about the interracial Cheerios' video would suggest that people are dicks. But I think people are just bored and tired. They have chosen "popcorn issues" instead of real ones. Sure they could agonize over "Are corn subsidies bad?" or "Does poverty lead to obesity?" (Hint: yes on both)  But those are long haul, tiring issues. It's easier to decide (incorrectly) that the US is an English speaking country invaded by furiners, transgendereds and bi-racials who are ruining everything and just be mad... all the time. It is really hard to consider the individual plight of all people and suppose that they, like you, are doing what they can to just exist in this world, causing minimal damage or effect.  It's easier to suppose that everyone is out there to destroy you. The best part of this logic is it plays into both your intense low self esteem and your narcissism. Anyway my point is I think people are good up close and terrible on-line.  And my narcissistic self made this parody video about the Cheerios commercial. I hope you watch! Also I'm learning Spanish on my iphone.